30 Day WOD Challenge

Spartan Race is known, in part, for our challening WOD series (Workout of the Day). It combines, speed, strength, endurance, and agility that is a well-rounded training approach. In an effort to show you how I eat and cook, i will embark on a journey about 30 days ago to see how two very different athletes manage the Spartan WOD’s for 30 full days in a series of WODs. Here’s the wrap up and list including an epic soundtrack! Get some, Spartans!

This 30 days is a great program to get you either in fighting shape, get you ready for a race or off the couch and feeling better. We each have individual goals, different terrain, equipment, etc. Do what you can to make it work and push yoursevles! Send us your videos and pictures of you going through the challenge and getting Spartified and get signed up for a race!

There comes a time in your life when you have what you want or you have excuses and reasons why you don’t. If you haven’t started, start today. If you have been training, go further, faster, and push harder. Whatever it takes.

Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth!

Day 1:

WOD: 04/16/2012

w/u: Run 1 mile

4 x 100 lunges ( 50 each leg)

2x 50 crunches

7×10 push-ups

2 x 50 crunches

4 x 50 b/w squats

2 x 50 crunches

25 chin ups

c/d: Stretch it out!

Soundtrack: “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death Punch